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Hilarious Family Photo Goes Viral After The Dogs Start Getting Frisky

Family...check. Similar Hawaiian shirts...check. Adorable dogs...check. Two dogs getting frisky, frozen in time...check. Wait, what???????????
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This Family's Christmas Tradition Is To Spend $20 At Goodwill, Dress Each Other, Then Take A Family Photo

As we get closer to Christmas, the Christmas traditions are in full swing. Each family is different. Some watch the same movie every year, others go to the annual tree lighting, and then of course there's always just driving around to look at Christmas lights.
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Awesome Parents Let Their Autistic Son Wear A T-Rex Costume In The Family Photos Becaue He Hates Having His Picture Taken

Odds are you know someone with autism. While there is a clinical definition and clearly defined symptoms for autism, each individual case is completely different.
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This Is The Best Easter Pic Kim Kardashian Could Get Of Her Family Before All 3 Kids Started Crying

Let's be real, it's incredibly difficult to snag the perfect family photo when you have kiddos. Apparently, that rule holds true even for celebrity kids. Including Kim acustomed kids who are pretty accustomed to getting their pictures made.
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