Man Jailed After Throwing Microwaveable Burrito At Younger Sister

20-year-old Gage L. Fisher thought his 14-year-old little sister dumped out his cup of water to fill it with juice, and he was angry about it.
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McDonald's Golden Arches

Woman Shoves McDonald's Employee Into Fryer After Receiving Wrong Breakfast Sandwich (VIDEO)

Apparently, they gave her sausage instead of bacon on her sandwich.
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Former Blue's Clues Host Is Willing To Wrestle John Cena To Win Hosting Gig For The Series Reboot

Steve Burns aka Steve from Blue's Clues wants his old job back. And he's ready and willi
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McKinney High School Teacher on Leave After Footage Shows Him Recording a Fight

The footage was originally shared on Snapchat and then on Twitter.
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Jackson Estate Furious With Quincy Jones After Producer Accuses Jackson Of Stealing

Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones worked together to produce one of the greatest albums of all time, 1982's "Thriller."
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Huge Brawl On Carnival Legend Cruise Ship Caught On Video

23 MEMBERS of a family were removed!
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Dogs Refuse To Let Their Human Throw Away The Christmas Tree

Anyone missing Christmas yet? Don't worry, you aren't the only one!
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