Someone Lit One Of The Cadillac’s At The Cadillac Ranch On Fire

Why would someone do this to such a unique piece of artwork?
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Car, Fire, Burning

Oldest Cadillac At Cadillac Ranch In Amarillo Set On Fire Overnight

The oldest Cadillac at the Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo was set on fire early Sunday morning.
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Chick-fil-A, Line, Customers, Paramus Park Mall, 2012

Odessa Chick-Fil-A Employees Stay Late To Cook 500 Sandwiches For First Responders

The shooting in West Texas Saturday left seven people dead, and twenty five injured.
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House, Fire, Flames

Realtor Lists Home That Caught On Fire As A “Smoking Hot Deal”

A real estate agent in Florida recently listed a condemned home for sale.
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Coach Bus, Burned, Fire, Road, Highway Assistance

Cell Phone Video Captures Bus Exploding On The Way Back From Texas Summer Camp

A group of kids were on their way back from Camp Buckner in Burnet, Texas riding on a chartered bus.
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Fireworks Store Gets A Little "Too Lit" On The Fourth Of July

Every. Single. Year.
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Massive Fire Destroys Ambassador Hotel In Dallas

One of the oldest hotels in Dallas is no more after a four alarm fire rampaged through building early this morning.
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Notre Dame, Cathedral, Fire, Paris, 2019

First Images From Inside The Notre Dame Cathedral Show A Cross Shining Through The Smoke

The first images from inside the Notre Dame Cathedral show a tiny glimmer of hope among the absolute devastation.
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Scary Moment For Jason Momoa After His Plane Was Forced To Make An Emergency Landing

Thank you Lord! Aquaman is ok!
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Guitarist Keeps On Playing, Even After His Hair Catches On Fire

This Kiss cover band is LIT!!!!!!!!!!!! No seriously, he's lit! As in on fire.
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