First Responders

A group of doctors talking about corona virus on conference.

Here's How You Can Help Hospital Workers At Parkland

Here's How You Can Help Hospital Workers At Parkland. The healthcare team is our front line of defense against Coronavirus.
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Chick-fil-A, Line, Customers, Paramus Park Mall, 2012

Odessa Chick-Fil-A Employees Stay Late To Cook 500 Sandwiches For First Responders

The shooting in West Texas Saturday left seven people dead, and twenty five injured.
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Man, Safety Suit, Firefighter, Holding Dog

Dallas Animal Services Offering Free Pet Adoptions For First Responders

If you know a local hero who needs a new furry friend, Dallas Animal Services has got you covered.
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Firefighters Go Shirtless For Lip-Sync Challenge Video

The Paris Fire Department just set a new standard for all these Lip-Sync challenges.
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