Wanted Man Thought A Blonde Wig Would Disguise Him From Police As He Biked Away...It Didn't

Police in Florida not fooled by THIS disguise!
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The #FloridaMan Challenge Is The Best Thing You'll Do All Day!

Each and every day, we here at Miles in the Morning take a moment to fire someone from America. Roughly 98% of the time, we fire someone from Florida!
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Man Tries To Outrun Police, Heat-Sensing Cameras & Horses in "Florida: The Second Chance State - Take 72"

Instead of dealing with a traffic citation, Maultsby decided he wanted a much more memorable night...
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Woman Jailed For Attacking Her Parents After They Refused To Take Her To Outback Steakhouse

Deanne Seltzer really wanted some Outback Steakhouse.
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Man Tries To Pay For McDonald's Order With Marijuana in "Florida: The Second Chance State - Take 70"

Twenty-three-year-old Matthew Gallagher recently visited a Port St. Lucie (near Tampa) McDonald's drive-thru at around 1:30 a.m., and seemingly forgot he'd need money to pay for his order.
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If You're A Disney Fan, Check Out This House That Comes With A Mickey Mouse Pool

Looking for a vacation home? Perhaps in Florida, close to the happiest place on earth? Better yet, how about a Disney themed house?!?!?!?! Oh yes, it exists and it is glorious!
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Florida sign on the beach

Man Throws Sausages At Mom For Being Too Slow in "Florida: The Second Chance State - Take 66"

22-year-old unemployed Hermes Callijas-Gasperin, who lives at home with his mom, told police he had asked his mom for something to eat, to which she replied she was busy, but would make something shortly.
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Florida Wins Best Billboard EVER, 797 Miles To Buc-ee's

Buc-ee's is home to beaver nuggets, jerky, and the best bathrooms in Texas. So why on Earth would there be a Buc-ee's billboard in Florida?
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Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice Held On Quarantined Plane in NY

Dallas's own 90s pop star and DIY's The Vanilla Ice Project host Vanilla Ice ("Ice Ice Baby"), a.k.a Robbie Van Winkle, was aboard an Emirates Air flight from Dubai yesterday, which was quarantined in New York.
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Crocodile Seen Floating On A Pool Noodle In Florida

Pictures were taken of a crocodile using a pool noodle to float.
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