9.25.20 Jace Fletcher, Corn Dog With No Name, Offering FREE Corn Dogs

Though the State Fair of Texas will look a little different this year, you can STILL get your corn dog fix!
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9.25.20 Brent And Juan From Smokey John's Talk State Fair Drive Thru

Right now, we all should be gearing up to head to the State Fair of Texas.
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McDonald's, All-Day Breakfast, Poster

McDonald's may permanently stop serving all-day breakfast because of the Coronavirus

McDonald's made the decision to stop serving all-day breakfast at the end of March due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Unfortunately, it looks like it won't be brought back.
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Potato Chips, Bag, Finfers

Amazon offers silicone finger tips to keep your hands free of grease while eating chips

Potato chips are a wonderful thing that come with two incredible annoying problems: grease and chip dust!
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Waitress, Wedding, Meal, Food, Bride, Groom

Couple Offers Wedding Guests Better Food Depending On How Expensive Their Gift Is

A bride and groom are receiving a bevy of criticism for the way they are offering different meals to guests at their upcoming nuptials, and it all depends on how much money you spend on the gift.
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Texas Star ferris wheel at State Fair of Texas

Statler Hotel Created An Incredible Replica Of The State Fair

Statler Hotel Created An Incredible Replica Of The State Fair. The pop-up event called "Fair Play" opens today.
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Big Tex at a previous State Fair of Texas

State Fair Of Texas Will Offer Many Virtual Activities This Year

State Fair Of Texas Will Offer Many Virtual Activities This Year. Even Big Tex (with a mask) will be available for drive-through photos.
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Luby's Cafeteria, Sign, Logo, Mall,1997

Luby's Announces Plans To Liquidate And Dissolve Company's "Businesses, Operations, And Real Estate"

Luby's board members announced yesterday the restaurant's plans to liquidate and dissolve the company's "businesses, operations, and real estate" and institute an "orderly wind down of any remaining operations."
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Texas Style, Barbecue Pit

Survey Finds The Ten States That Love Barbecue The Most, And Leaves Texas Off The List!

The website Zippia set out to determine what states love barbecue the most.
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Boneless Wings, Buffalo Wings, Chicken Wings, Boneless

Man Goes On Hilarious Rant About Boneless Chicken Wings To His Local City Council

Ander Christensen is a Lincoln, Nebraska man who visited his local city council with an issue near and dear to his heart. Boneless chicken wings.
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