What The Heck Did This Security Camera Catch On Tape? An Alien?

Neighborhood dog? Cat? Alien? Or drunk Dobby from Harry Potter???
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Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Queen, Live Aid, Black and White

Watch Amazing Footage Of Queen Rehearsing Before Famed Live Aid Concert

Queen changed the state of music forever with their amazing performance at Live Aid in 1985.
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Security Camera Catches A Strange Man Licking A Doorbell

The latest and greatest thing in technology is the Ring Security System. Not because it works, but because of the epic videos owners post from outside their homes. We've seen everything from packages being stolen to people playing pranks on their family members. However, we think we've found the...
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Take A Drive Through Downtown Dallas In 1970

Dallas has a changed a lot over the years. It seems like a new apartment building goes up every week. So...let's take it back to a simpler time in life, 1970.
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Video Footage Of George Clooney's Accident Released: Actor Was Flung 20 Feet In The Air Before Hitting The Windshield

Wow! George Clooney is lucky to be alive after his motorbike accident!
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Lava Swallows A Car In Hawaii

It's crazy how nature can be so beautiful one minute, then terrifying the next.
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House Fire

Dashcam Footage Captures Hurst Home Explosion

Police have realsed new dashcam footage of the house explosion, which occured on April 7.
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Watch Time Lapse Footage Of The Super Blue Blood Moon Setting Behind The Bank Of America Building In Dallas

On Wednesday morning, we were all treated to the rare and beautiful super blue blood moon. By now most everyone has either watched the NASA video on YouTube or even stood outside to experience first hand.
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