The Texas Longhorn Football Helmet Made An Appearance At Paris Fashion

Ok ladies, if you're looking to jazz up your wardrobe this year, may we suggest adding a football helmet into the mix.
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President Trump Bought The Clemson Tigers A Fast Food Feast

When you win the NCAA National Championship in football, that comes with a visit to the White House and a meet and greet with the President himself...even if the government is currently shutdown.
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Samsung Unveils Massive 219-Inch Television Called "The Wall"

At this week's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Samsung unveiled the most important creation in their company's entire 80 year history.
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Cowboys Fans Have Options To See Game Against Rams

The Dallas Cowboys have gone to California for Saturday's playoff game against the Los Angeles Rams. The Cowboys are seven point underdogs, but fans in North Texas say they still have confidence.
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Kid Who Wrote Hilarious "We Suck" Letter To Jerry Jones Takes Credit For Cowboys' Recent Success

In November, 7-year-old Rylan Wood wrote a scathing yet hilarious letter to Jerry Jones, chiding him for the Cowboys (then) less than stellar success.
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As DFW Gears Up For Friday Night Lights, Check Out This Hilarious Run-Through Poster

It's Friday night in Texas! Y'all know what that means...high school football!!! And it's the playoffs! As we gear up for the regional semifinals this weekend, there's no doubt teams will be trying to psych each other out before the game ever starts.
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Whomp, Whomp! An Eagles Fan Brought A Coffin To The Cowboys Game To "Bury " Us

The rivalry between the Philadelphia Eagles and your Dallas Cowboys is alive and well. However, last night's game is know seeing how the Cowboys won.
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Kids Writes Letter To Jerry Jones, Upset About Team Performance

A 7-year-old who wrote a heated letter to Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones... upset about America's team.
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There's At Least One OU Fan Who Doesn't Know How To Spell Sooner

Boomer Sonner! Wait a minute, something's not quite right.
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"Mean" Joe Green

North Texas To Honor "Mean" Joe Greene By Putting No. 75 Back On The Field

After 50 years, the No. 75 will be worn by a North Texas football player in the team's match-up against Lousiana Tech. 75 was "Mean" Joe Greene's number and was retired by the school after he was named All-American for the 1968 season.
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