HBO Max Launches Today: Here's What You Need to Know

Your streaming choices have just increased as HBO Max finally launched on Wednesday. The subscription service comes with a huge catalog of films and TV shows, including all ten seasons of “Friends,” and is available to new customers for $15 a month.
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Lisa Kudrow Explains What Her 'Friends' Character Phoebe Would Be Doing in Quarantine

While we shouldn’t be holding our breath for a special quarantine episode of ‘Friends,’ actress Lisa Kudrow has some ideas on how it would play out.
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This Quarantine 'Friends' Theme Cover Has Jennifer Aniston's Approval

Irish singer JC Stewart watched along with the rest of the world as his quarantine version of the ‘Friends’ theme song went viral after Jennifer Aniston shared it to her Instagram story on Tuesday.
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'Friends' Episodes Will Begin Streaming on HBO Max in May

Your “Friends” will be there for you soon. All episodes of the beloved sitcom comedy will be available for streaming when HBO Max officially launches. The reunion special has been postponed to a later date. Read more now.
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Hugh Jackman, Smile, Glasses, Global Citizen Festival, Speaking, 2019

Hugh Jackman And Ryan Reynolds Temporarily End "Feud" For Coronavirus Relief

Besr friends Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have paused their "feud" for a good cause, the "All In Challenge" for Coronavirus relief.
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Selena Gomez Proves She Knows More About 'Friends' Than Most of Us

Selena Gomez scored big on a tough new quiz about the show ‘Friends,’ proving her fandom even though the singer admits she’s a little “rusty.”
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Photographer Stages Adorable ‘Friends’-Themed Shoot with Six Newborns

A Colorado photographer turned her obsession with the classic sitcom “Friends” into the most adorable photoshoot for six newborn babies. She got the idea for the Must-See-TV photo shoot after her good friend became pregnant with twins.
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Orangutan, Male, Primate

Group Of Orangutans And Otters Become The Best Of Friends After Sharing An Enclosure At The Zoo

A group of orangutans and otters have become the best of friends after sharing an enclosure at the Pairi Daiza Zoo in Belgium.
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Courteney Cox Fails 'Friends' Trivia, Says She Doesn't Remember Much From the Show

You might expect Courteney Cox would to be a ‘Friends’ expert, but it turns out, she probably wouldn’t be much help during trivia night at your local bar. The actress failed a trivia based on her character during ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live.’
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Justin Bieber Goes Undercover on the ‘Friends’ Set

Justin Bieber went undercover as a tour guide on the set of “Friends” for a segment on “Ellen.” He also sat down with guest host Demi Lovato.
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