Taco Bell, Restaurant, Tallahassee, Exterior, 2019

Man Crashes Car Through Front Door Of Taco Bell

Police in Jonesboro, Arkansas responded to a call at a local Taco Bell, where a man had driven his vehicle INTO the restaurant, through what used to be the front door.
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Phone, Hand Gesture, Young Woman, Blue Background

Viral TikTok Shows How Younger Generations Mimic Being On The Phone

A new, viral TikTok shows the divide between generations, after a father asked his wife, and his to kids the gesture each would use to mimic being on the phone.
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Male, Car Thief, Breaking In, Window, Screwdriver

Man Driving A Stolen Car Crashes Into A Woman Also Driving A Stolen Car

After a short chase by the police, Randy Lee Cooper crashed his stolen vehicle into another car driven by Kristin Nicole Begue, which the police would happen to find was ALSO stolen.
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Russell Crowe, Red Carpet, Beard, Gladiator - In Concert, 2018

Russell Crowe's Kids Refused To Quarantine With Him So They Could Still Use Uber Eats

While Russell Crowe is quarantining in the Australian outback his kids decided to stay in Sydney, as they wanted to be closer to Uber Eats.
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Amazon, Echo, Alexa

11-Month-Old Thinks Her Name Is "Alexa" After Hearing Parents Use Amazon Echo Device

A young mother is having a bit of trouble with her 11-month-old daughter Emily, who doesn't respond to her own name. She only responds to "Alexa," after hearing her parents use their Amazon Echo device.
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Scott Heineman #16 of the Texas Rangers takes a photo with fans prior to a Cactus League spring training game against the Chicago Cubs at Surprise Stadium on February 27, 2020 in Surprise, Arizona.

Watch Texas Rangers Players Tell Their Favorite Dad Jokes

Watch Texas Rangers Players Tell Their Favorite Dad Jokes
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Rail Road Sign, Blue Sky

Man Tries To Escape Police By Sitting Naked On A Pole For 12 Hours

A 39-year-old Oregon man wanted by police for assault and robbery tried to escape their clutches by climbing a rail road sign, completely naked, and sit on top of the pole for 12 hours.
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McDonald's, Logo, Whitehall, Restaurant, 2019

Woman Pranks Rude Driver In McDonald's Drive-Thru By Paying For Meal And Taking It, Leaving Her With Nothing

A woman in Australia decided the petty revenge was the best revenge, after paying for the meal for the rude woman behind her in the drive-thru line and then taking her food, leaving her with nothing.
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Man Wearing Bra, Hairy Chest, Pink Bra

Police Looking For Knife-Wielding Man Wearing A Bra And Utility Belt

Police in Polk County, Nebraska are looking for man caught trespassing on private property, wearing a bra, utility belt, and carrying a long knife.
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Chris Cuomo, Red Carpet, Turner Upfront 2017

CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo Caught Naked In Background Of Wife's Instagram Live

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo was caught hanging out in the family backyard by his wife after she posted a video to Instagram Live showing the CNN anchor in the buff.
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