Ring, Security Camera

Dad Goes Viral Leaving Sweet Messages To Daughter On Ring Camera Everyday

Even though Emily Brand is away at school, she watches her family's Ring camera everyday. When her dad found out this fact, he began leaving sweet, little mundane messages everyday, and has gone absolutely viral for doing so.
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Salad Bar, Supermarket, Lettuce

Grocery Store Fills Salad Bar Closed Due To The Coronavirus With Tons And Tons Of Alcohol

A Dierbergs grocery store in Missouri got rid of their salad bar, in order to stop the spread of the Coronavirus, and replaced all of the salad and fixins' with tons and tons of alcohol.
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Kitchen, Night, Refrigerator, Open Door

Barking Dogs Wake Up Florida Man Who Finds Naked Man Asleep In His Kitchen

A Florida man woke up to his dogs barking and upon investigation, found a 32-year-old Jesse Ramon Conover in his kitchen, completely naked.
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Dart, Right Hand, Throw

Gender Reveal Goers Wrong After Sister Gets Dart Stuck In Foot

In 2018, Veronica Fernandez planned a gender reveal party for her sister and brother-in-law, which ended in a trip to the hospital aftdr a dart ended up in her leg.
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Jason Derulo, Red Carpet, CORE Gala: A Gala Dinner to Benefit CORE and 10 Years of Life-Saving Work Across Haiti & Around the World, 2020

Singer Jason Derulo Chips Front Teeth Attempting To Eat Corn With A Power Drill

Singer Jaosn Derulo attempted the viral trick of eating a corn on the cob while its spinning on a power drill, and he lost his two front teeth in the process!
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Tennis, Rackets, Ball, Net, Court

Nassau County Chief Advises Tennis Players To "Kick," But Not "Touch" Other People's Balls

Nassau County executive Laura Curran wanted to make sure local tennis players knew the new rules to stop the spread of the Coronavirus, and it involved players "not touching" other people's balls.
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Jonah Hill, MID90s Press Conference, 69th Berlin International Film Festival, 2019

Jonah Hill Passes Samuel L. Jackson As The Actor With The Most Swear Words On Screen

Jonah Hill recently passed Samuel L. Jackson as the actor who has used the most swear words on screen in history.
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Businessman, Suit, Tie, Muscle Shirt, Tear Away

Company Selling Fake Muscles And Breasts To Help People Look Good Zoom Dating

If you want to look good for your Zoom dates, but are finding it rather difficult since all the gyms are still closed, a company is selling fake muscles and breasts so you'll be looking your best for your net socialy distant date.
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Thunder, Lightning, Sky, Storm, Clouds

Local Reporter Interrupted By HUGE Thunderclap During Live Broadcast

Marie Saavedra of WFAA was in Addison last Tuesday reporting on the severe weather when she was interuupted by a HUGE clap of lightning, and her hilarious reaction was captured all on camera!
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Man, Desk, Underwear, No Pants, Video Call

"Good Morning America" Reporter Forgets To Wear Pants During Live Broadcast

A reporter from Good Morning America found out the embarrassing way that we could see everything, after he conducted a broadcast from his home without wearing any pants.
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