Tom Cruise, Red Carpet, Mission:Impossible Fallout, UK Premiere, 2018

Tom Cruise Once Went "Ballistic" Over Having To Share A Room With Rob Lowe

While in the audition process for the 1983 film The Outsiders , Tom Cruise once went "ballistic" over having to share a room with co-star Rob Lowe while the pair stayed at The Plaza Hotel.
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Wooden Stall, Stand, White Background

6-Year-Old Keeps Neighbors Entertained With Drive-By Joke Stand

6-year-old Callaghan McLaughlin wanted to spread some cheer around his neighborhood, and since he loves jokes so much, thought it'd be best to set up a "drive-by" joke stand, whjere he delivers one-liners and knock-knock jokes to passersby totally free of charge!
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Lasagna, Pasta, Red Plate, Wooden Table

New Mom Doesn't Realize She Accidentally Named Her Baby "Lasagna"

A new mother, whom just gave birth nine weeks ago, didn't realize until way after the fact that with her new baby's first and middle names, she accidentally named her "Lasagna."
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Police, Car, Vehicle, Speeding, Driving, Blurry

Man Arrested For Driving 120 Miles-Per-Hour Thought The Cops Just Wanted To Drag Race

A 25-year-old in Indiana was recently pulled voer after driving speeds in excess of 120-miles-per-hour, but said he had a valid excuse for why he was going so fast: he simply thought the police officers chasing him wanted to drag race.
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Pink unicorn as a balloon

Florida Woman Trots Around Neighborhood Dressed As A Unicorn

Florida Woman Trots Around Neighborhood Dressed As A Unicorn. She wears an inflatable costume to make people smile while under lockdown.
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Elvis Andrus #1 of the Texas Rangers is greeted in the dugout after scoring a run in the sixth inning against the Los Angeles Angels at Angel Stadium on August 28, 2019 in Anaheim, California.

These Rangers Bobbleheads Singing Adele Is Just What We Need

These Texas Rangers Bobbleheads Singing Adele Is Exactly What We Need Right Now. The team made a hilarious TikTok video of their players singing in a chorus.
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Andie Macdowell, Red Carpet, Dior Show, Paris Fashion Week, 2020

Actress Andie MacDowell Caught Sneaking Children Out Of Park Closed Due To Coronavirus

Last Friday, actress Andie MacDowell was photographed allegedly sneaking her daughters out of a Los Angeles park currently closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic following a hike.
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Breast Implants, Woman, Surgeon, Office, Silicone

Woman Shot Saved By Breast Implants After Bullet Stopped From Penetrating Heart

A woman in Toronto is alive after her breast implants stopped a bullet from penetrating her heart following a random gunshot.
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Man, Shower, Wet Legs

Reporter Accidentally Shows Naked Husband In Shower While Broadcasting From Home

A news reporter in Sacramento currently broadcasting from home probably should avoid working from the bathroom, as her latest report clearly shows her husband naked, taking a shower.
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Trimming Dog's Nails, Dog, Nails, Veterinarian

Woman Comes Up With Ingenious Way To Clip Her Dog's Nails With Peanut Butter And Saran Wrap

This woman came up with an ingenious hack to trim her dog's nails, using nothing but some peanut butter and saran wrap.
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