Man, Tongue, Stuck, Frozen Pole

Six Elementary School Students Get Stuck After Sticking Tongue To Frozen Poles

In a pivotal scene in the classic "A Christmas Story," Flick is triple-dog dared to stick his tongue to a frozen pole outside of his school.
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Santa, Whisper, Shh, Finger on Lips

Boy Threatens To Uppercut Santa If He's On The Naughty List

Christmas is just a few days away, and no doubt plenty of children are worried about their status with Santa.
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Owl, Eyes, High Resolution

Family Finds Owl Hiding In Their Christmas Tree

A Georgia family received an early Christmas surprise one night as they were finishing dinner.
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Caricature, Sketch, Artist, Drawing

Artist Draws Caricature Of Man Who Robbed Him Of $500

Police in Riverside, California are on the lookout for a man accused of stealing $500 from a street artist.
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Elf on a Shelf, Peeking, Stocking

Mom Shaves The Word "Elf" Into Son’s Head In Hilarious “Elf On A Shelf” Prank

Amanda Johns wants to make sure her kids know their Elf on a Shelf means business.
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Jukebox, Bar, Music

Husband Trolls Wife With Chumbawamba While On A Girls' Night Out

A husband was left home alone with the kids while his wife went out for a Girls' Night Out, and he was ready for her to come home.
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Christmas Pageant, Kids, Play, Christmas Play, 2018

Kid Unknowingly Flips Off Entire Audience During School Christmas Play

A 5-year-old in the UK had an interesting artistic approach to her school's Christmas play.
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Maculay Culkin, Red Carpet, American Music Awards, 2018, Close Up

Macaulay Culkin Teams With NASA Engineer To Troll Porch Pirates With Glitter Bombs

Though Texas has taken great strides in managing porch pirates, they are still a great problem today, especially during the holiday season.
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Indian Wedding, Bride, Groom, Traditional Ritual

Late Groom Arrives At Wedding To Find Bride Marrying Another Man

It was a disaster of a wedding day for a groom in Bijnor, in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India.
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Delivery Driver, Truck, Package

Amazon Driver Dances After Finding Basket Of Treats Left For Him Outside Of Home

This is a pretty hectic time of year for delivery drivers.
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