Hugh Jackman, Smile, Glasses, Global Citizen Festival, Speaking, 2019

Hugh Jackman And Ryan Reynolds Temporarily End "Feud" For Coronavirus Relief

Besr friends Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds have paused their "feud" for a good cause, the "All In Challenge" for Coronavirus relief.
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Jeff Gets A Brand New Covid-Haircut With A Little Help From His Wife And Kids!

What happens when you need a haircut, but all the barbershops and salons are closed? You enlist your wife and kids, of course!
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Face Mask, Surgical Mask, Green Background

Mom Raises $56,000 For Charity Selling Face Masks With Penises On Them

A Utah mom went viral for her homemade face mask adorned with hundreds of penises, of which she has sold 5,400, raising $56,000 for charity in the process.
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Buzz Lightyear, Statue, Toy Story Hotel, Shanghai, 2016

Mom Wears Buzz Lightyear Mask To Store To Protect Against Coronavirus

In an effort to protect against Coronavirus, and in an attempt to bring some lightheartedness to the world, Kelly Hogan Painter wore a Buzz Lightyear mask to the store, complete with sounds and a button that closes the plastic face guard.
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Journey, Arnel Pineda, Jumping, Concert, Download Festival, 2009

Quarantined Family Recreates Journey's "Separate Ways" Video

While locked in quarantine the Heller family of Maple Valley, Washington decided to recreate the video for Journey's "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)" 100% shot for shot.
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Llama, Alpaca, Farm, Funny

You Can Now Invite A Llama Or Goat To Your Zoom Work Call For Less Than $100

For less than $100, you can have a barn animal orf your choice, including a llama or goat dial into your next Zoom webcam call.
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Man, Drinking, Can, Hand, Soda, Beer

19-Year-Old Arrested After Stopping To Have An "Alcoholic Drink" In The Middle Of Bank Robbery

A 19-year-old attempting to rob a bank was arrested after he sat down in the lobby to enjoy an "adult beverage" right in the middle of his robbery, giving police ample time to arrive to the scene.
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Daryl Hannah, Red Carpet, Vanity Fair Party, 76th Academy Awards, 2004

Disney+ Edits Out Darryl Hannah's Butt In "Splash" With Horrible CGI

Because they don't want butts in any of their content, Disney+ edited a shot of Darryl Hannah from the 1984 film "Splash," and they used the most horrific CGI imaginable.
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Kate Beckinsale, Red Carpet, Vanity Fair Oscar Party, 2020

Kate Beckinsale Celebrates Easter With A New Baby Bunny That Poops All Over Her Bed

Kate Beckinsale celebrated Easter this year with a real-life, adorable baby bunny. Unfortunately, she probably regretted putting that big ball of cuteness on her bed after it proceeded to poop all over it.
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Cans, Soda, Beer, Blue Cans, Tabs

Coors Light Provides 150 Cans To 93-Year-Old Woman Who Made Plea For More Beer

Coors Light came through for 93-year-old grandmother Olive Veronesi, whose plea for beer while self-isolating went viral, by providing her with 150 cans of her favorite drink totally for free.
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