Pothole, Road, Street, Asphalt

Neighbors Tired Of Potholes Fill Them With Christmas Trees

A group of homeowners in Atlanta were tired of the potholes going ignored in their neighborhood.
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Man, Arrested, Handcuffs, Ripped Shirt, Police

Man Arrested While Wearing Shirt That Read "Ain't Nothing Illegal 'Til You Get Caught"

Oklahoma man David Rasmussen was recently caught by police trying to steal a vehicle.
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Cat, Attack, Bite, Teeth

Man Faces Prison After Attacking Police With Cat

A Moscow man is facing jail time after he attacked police officers with a cat.
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Paul Rudd, Portrait, New York, 2019

Paul Rudd Dresses As “Weird Al” Even Though Daughter Dresses As Character From His Movie

When you’re the daughter of a Marvel superhero, Halloween should be a pretty easy occasion, right?
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Kiefer Sutherland, Red Carpet, 2016 Toronto International Film Festival

Kiefer Sutherland Apologizes For Making The Mullet Popular

Kiefer Sutherland wants to issue an apology.
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Eddie Van Halen, Concert, Guitar, Solo, CONSOL Energy Center, 2012

Unknowing Fan Asks Eddie Van Halen To Take A Picture Of Him At A Concert

A few nights ago, Eddie Van Halen attended the Tool concert in Los Angeles with his son, Wolfgang.
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Ghost Baby, Facebook Post, 2019

Mom Spots Horrifying “Ghost Baby” Sleeping Next To Her Child

Maritza Cibuls was getting ready for bed when she decided to check on her 18-month-old on the baby monitor.
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10.18 Miles in the Morning - Rebekah Might Be A Stalker

Miles in the Morning learned something very interesting about Rebekah this morning.
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Lady Gaga, Red Carpet, Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Benefit, 2019

Fan Drags Lady Gaga Off Stage During Concert In Las Vegas

During a recent concert in Las Vegas, Lady Gaga invited a fan onstage when disaster struck.
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Funeral, Coffin, Flowers, Cemetery, Service

Deceased Man Gets Last Laugh With Hilarious Audio Recording For Funeral Attendees

Though funerals are often a somber occasion, Shay Bradley wanted to make sure his friends and family had one final laugh with him as he was laid to rest.
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