Lady Gaga, Red Carpet, Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Benefit, 2019

Fan Drags Lady Gaga Off Stage During Concert In Las Vegas

During a recent concert in Las Vegas, Lady Gaga invited a fan onstage when disaster struck.
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Funeral, Coffin, Flowers, Cemetery, Service

Deceased Man Gets Last Laugh With Hilarious Audio Recording For Funeral Attendees

Though funerals are often a somber occasion, Shay Bradley wanted to make sure his friends and family had one final laugh with him as he was laid to rest.
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Tesla Roadster, California, Highway, Driving, Speeding, Blurry, 2008

Elon Musk Reveals Teslas Will Soon Make Fart And Animal Noises

Teslas are already at the peak of automobile innovation, and Musk as no plans to cease that trend any time soon.
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Voodoo Doll, Background, Dramatic Lighting

Texas Man Tells Police "Voodoo" Made Him Steal From Walmart

A 29-year-old Lufkin man was arrested last week after being caught trying to shoplift items out of a local Walmart.
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Goat, Stare, Funny

Goat Headbutts Woman Trying To Take A Selfie With It

Sometimes animals aren’t as psyched to grab a selfie with you as you are with it.
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Belly, Beer Gut, Shirt, Close Up, Bellybutton

Husband Fills In For Wife In Hilarious Maternity Shoot

Kelsey Brewer was preparing to head out for a maternity photo shoot when she unfortunately was ordered to go on mandatory bed rest.
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Cash Cam, Camera, Windshield, Car, Hand

Car Thief Stunned After Dash Cam Captures Him Mid-Theft

A woman in Beaverton, Oregon recently had his car broken into.
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McDonald's, French Fries, Box, 2015

Japanese McDonald’s Advertising French Fries With A Sexy Ronald McDonald

McDonald’s restaurants in Japan have taken an interesting route to make you aware of their delicious french fries.
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Unicorn Costume, 25th Annual Penguin Swim, Beach, Pink Unicorn, 2019

Texas Mom Surprises Daughter Getting Off School Bus In Massive Pink Unicorn Costume

Somer Scandridge and her husband always like to match their children’s Halloween costumes.
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Hands Raised, Chalkboard, School, Math Class, Classroom

Mom Sits In On Son’s Math Class After He Kept Misbehaving

Becky Crandley was tired of hearing about her son misbehaving in school.
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