Cheetos, Flamin' Hot Crunchy, Shelf, Store, 2012

Man In Self-Isolation Sends Dog To Store With Cash Attached To Collar To Buy A Bag Of Cheetos

A Mexico man currently in self-isolation was craving Cheetos, and decided to send his pet dog across the store with a note attached to his collar along with a $20 bill in order to by a bag.
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Braden Galvan (aka: "Hollywood Cole") is making the most out of the government-mandated quarantine.

DFW Man Keeps Us Entertained With Daily Quarantine Journal

DFW Man Keeps Us Entertained With Daily Quarantine Journal. "Hollywood Cole" from Richardson updates his Instagram feed with stream-of-consciousness entries.
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Pink, Alecia Moore, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Ceremony, Smile, 2019

Pink Cuts Own Hair After Getting "Brilliant Idea" While Drinking During Coronavirus Quarantine

Like many of us, Pink is hanging around her house a little more these days, and apparently is a fan of day drinking. Unfortunately, Pink had one of her self-proclaimed "brilliant ideas" after imbibing, and decided to give herself a haircut. It did not go well.
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Toilet Paper, Give, Share, Bathroom

Parents Entertain Themselves And Gross Their Children Out With "Poop Challenge"

Parents everywhere are entertaining themselves with the "poop challenge," when they pretend to accidentally smear some poop on their children when they ask them to bring a roll o toilet paper. Yes, we know it's gross.
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Patrick Stewart, Interview, The Graham Norton Show, 2020

You Can Now Watch Patrick Stewart Read Shakespeare On Twitter

Sir Patrick Stewart is using this shelter-in-place opportunity to brush us all all up on our Shakespeare.
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Woman, Toilet, Bathroom, Legs, Phone

Woman Forgets She's On A Video Conference Call When She Stops To Take A Bathroom Break

This woman, known only as Jennifer, was on a video conference call when she suddenly needed to use the restroom. Unfortunately, everyone she was on the video call with could see EVERYTHING she was doing.
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Horse, Tail, Outside, Waving, Wind

Quarantined Couple Recreates Riding A Horse In Hilarious Video

A couple on Twitter is feeling the full effect of the Coronavirus quarantine, and have found an amazing way to have a little fun while they're hunkered down at home, thanks to an assits from America and their hit "A Horse With No Name."
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Hand Sanitizer, Bottle, Hands, Wash

Danish Supermarket Uses Price Trick To Stop People From Hoarding Hand Sanitizer

One supermarket in Denmark has taken an interesting method to make sure its shoppers don't hoard these items, and are using basic economics to do so.
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Neil Diamond, Performing, The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, 2016

Neil Diamond Reworks "Sweet Caroline" Lyrics To Encourage You To Wash Your Hands

In a way only Neil Diamond can, the 79-year-old reworked the lyrics of his classic "Sweet Caroline" to encourage you to wash your hands, and to "don't" touch him, as he won't touch you!
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Dinosaur Costumes, Las Vegas Motor Speedway, 2018

San Antonio Teens Dressed As Dinosaurs Cheer Up Panicked Shoppers

After receiving the "ok" from store management, Pilar Pinilla's daughters walked around the store, dressed in those always-hilarious T-rex costumes, and brought some cheer to panicked shoppers.
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