Paint, Brushes, Palette, Oil Paint

Mom Recreates Ten-Year-Old Daughter’s Portrait For Selfie

A Reddit user recreated a hilarious portrait her daughter drew of her, which included undereye bags, dramatic black lashes, funny-looking eyebrows, and three lines of teeth.
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Safe, Digital Lock

Woman Locks Herself In Gun Safe Hiding From Police, Needs Police Help To Get Out

Scotty Finnegan, a deputy with the Chisago County Sheriff’s Office, received a trespassing call at a mobile home park in Stacy, Minnesota.
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Video Camera, Camcorder, Live Report, News Reporter

News Reporter On Facebook Live Has No Idea The Mask Filter Was Accidentally On

A news reporter in North Carolina went on Facebook Live for a report, but didn't realize the entire time, the mask filter was on covering him in a variety of hilarious disguises.
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Spaghetti, Dinner, Meal, Food, Pasta, Restaurant

Has This Man Discovered The Most Genius Way To Eat Spaghetti?

Is this the most genius food-hack ever, or just a disgrace to spaghetti?
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Grocery Cart, Grocery Store, Shopping Cart, Blurry Shelves

Man Takes Down Suspected Shoplifter With Shopping Cart Fling

A good Samaritan in Georgia is being praised for his quick-thinking, good timing, and incredible aim after assisting police in taking down a suspected shoplifter.
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Airbrush, Tan, Fake Tan, Spray Tan

Mother's Fake Tan Spreads All Over Baby's Face After Breastfeeding

A young mother didn't wait long enough to breastfeed her son after putting on fake tan, and it spread all over his face.
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Orlando Bloom, Red Carpet, Amazon Studios Golden Globes After Party, 2020

Orlando Bloom Misspells Son's Name In New Tattoo

Actor Orlando Bloom wanted to paytribute to his son Flynn with a tattoo of his name. Unfortunately, there was a slight mishap with the spelling. His own son's name.
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Calendar, Pen, Class Reunion

Man Torn Apart After Asking For $750,000 In Donations For High School Reunion

A man is getting torn apart online after revealing that he set up a GoFundMe seeking $750,000 to plan his upcoming ten year High School reunion. He also revealed that he was seeking a 20% cut of the donations.
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Stuffed Dinosaur, Toy, Doll, Plush

Man Pulled Over Trying To Drive In HOV Lane With A Stuffed Dinosaur

Word to the wise: A stuffed dinosaur in your passenger seat does now allow you to legally drive in the HOV lane.
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Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys, Throw, AT&T Stadium, 2018

Dak Prescott, Jason Witten, And More Featured In The NFL's "Bad Lip Reading" For The 2020 NFL Season

Get ready to enjoy another edition of "Bad Lip Reading," this time for the entire 2020 NFL season!
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