Little League Baseball Team Practices Despite A Huge Tornado Forming Behind Them

We’ve experienced our fair share of tornadoes in our time.
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Here We Go Again...We've Been Playing UNO All Wrong!

Dang it! Here we go again! We've been playing UNO ALL WRONG!!!
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OMG! We've Been Playing Uno All Wrong!

Sorry, we're about to ruin your childhood. That is unless you're the one person who actually read the rules to Uno.
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Whomp, Whomp! An Eagles Fan Brought A Coffin To The Cowboys Game To "Bury " Us

The rivalry between the Philadelphia Eagles and your Dallas Cowboys is alive and well. However, last night's game is know seeing how the Cowboys won.
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There's At Least One OU Fan Who Doesn't Know How To Spell Sooner

Boomer Sonner! Wait a minute, something's not quite right.
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No One Is Sadder Than Rowdy After A Dallas Cowboys Loss

Dallas Cowboys fans are still mourning the overtime loss to the Houston Texans on Sunday. However, no one is hurting more than our mascot Rowdy.
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What's Your Royal Name?

While we may not be royalty, it's always fun to pretend.
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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Dwayne Johnson To Give Away $300,000 On "HQ Trivia" Mobile Game

Dwayne Johnson is the biggest and most popular movie star in the world. "HQ Trivia" is growing to be one of the world's most popular mobile games. Putting them together spells out a potential of big cash for you!
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