Colorful dolls dressed in traditional Hmong tribe

Video/Photos: 2019 Gerber Baby Is 1st Of Hmong Descent

... out of 544,000 entries, Gerber's new 2019 spokesbaby is 15-month-old Kairi Yang, who is of Hmong descent. A first, for Gerber!
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Texans, Start Your Baby Off Right With Gerber: Picante Flavor!

Salsa is a staple of Texas. We put it on EVERYTHING! Chips, eggs, hashbrowns, virtually anything savory can be paired with salsa. It's pretty much a condiment.
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Lucas Warren Becomes First Baby With Down Syndrome To Become Face Of Gerber

Lucas Warren was just one of the over 140,000 potential babies to become the new face of Gerber's national campaign. His mother Cortney says she entered his photo into the contest "on a whim."
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