Girl Scout Cookies

Donald Glover

Donald Glover Bought Girl Scout Cookies From The Little Girl Who Covered "Redbone"

How much do we love Donald Glover!!!!!! Video of Donald Glover Meets The Girl Scout Who Went Viral With 'Redbone' Last night the Atlanta actor stopped by Colbert to discuss the new season. While he was there, Colbert brought up the little girl who went viral earlier this week with...
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Daddy & Daughter Parody Childish Gambino's "Redbone" To Sell Girl Scout Cookies

Daddy and daughter have a Girl Scout cookie song and it already has almost 4 million views.
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Jennifer Garner Surprises Man While Selling Girl Scout Cookies and It's Hilarious

The man couldn't believe it!
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Girl Scout Sells 300 Boxes Of Cookies After Setting Up Outside Of Marijuana Dispensary

In the heated, cutthroat world of Girl Scout Cookie sales, the dominating factor of a good year or a bad year seems to be your location.
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