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Grandmother Uses Hair Dryer As Fake Radar Gun To Stop Speeding On Her Street

A grandmother in Montana was worried about fast drivers speeding down a road near where her grandchildren play.
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Grandmother is working out by plank exercise.

Athletic Grandma Has Six-Pack Abs And Wins Bodybuilding Competitions

60 is the new 50. 50 is the new 40. 40 is the new 30... and so on. This 61-year-old grandma puts us all to shame. Lynda Jager of Ontario has been working out for 40 years, yet she only started competing in fitness contests 10 years ago. She credits bodybuilding with helping her overcome anxiety and...
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Grandma Or Steven Tyler? You Decide

Steven Tyler is one of the greatest rockers of all time. However, the older he gets...the more he looks like a fashionable grandma.
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Quick! Someone Get Granny Off The Pole!

Welcome to the stage...grandma!!!!!!!!!
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96-Year-Old Grandma Busts A Move At Her Great-Nephews Wedding

Weddings are always fun, the whole family gets together for the first time in forever, there’s typically good food and memories are made on the dance floor.
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Granny Makes The Perfect Burger Using Nothing But Awesome Trick Shots

How hard is it to make a burger? Throw some meat on the grill and you're done right? WRONG!
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This 87 Year Old Grandmother From Spain Makes Works Of Art From Microsoft Paint

An 87-year-old grandmother from Spain is going viral for her amazing works of art she creates using Microsoft's paint.
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What Was Your Favorite Story Of The Week?

Three randomly selected stories, all of which we talked about on the air this week. Which one is your choice for Story of the Week?
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Italian Grandma Tries Google Home For The First Time

Surveys say a LOT of us got smart speakers from Santa this year - across all demographics and age groups.
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