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Grocery Store Fills Salad Bar Closed Due To The Coronavirus With Tons And Tons Of Alcohol

A Dierbergs grocery store in Missouri got rid of their salad bar, in order to stop the spread of the Coronavirus, and replaced all of the salad and fixins' with tons and tons of alcohol.
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Woman's Intentionally Coughs On Product, Costing Grocery Store $35,000 In A "Very Twisted Prank"

A Pennsylvania woman ventured into a local grocery store, and proceeded to intentionally cough on various items, including produce, a small section of the bakery, and a meat case. While it is not believed she is infected with the Coronavirus, this "prank" cost the store over $35,000 in lost product.
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Danish Supermarket Uses Price Trick To Stop People From Hoarding Hand Sanitizer

One supermarket in Denmark has taken an interesting method to make sure its shoppers don't hoard these items, and are using basic economics to do so.
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Grocery Store Worker Praised For Paying Difference Of Girl's Purchase

A grocery store employee is being praised for paying the difference of a little girl's purchase she was making for doing her household chores.
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Costco Will No Longer Let You Eat In Their Food Court Unless You Have A Membership

Plenty of people head to Costco not to shop for groceries, but just for the food court alone. Now, unless you're a member, you're not allowed in.
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Frozen Shrimp

Man Stuffs 30 Bags Of Frozen Shrimp Down Pants In Grocery Store Theft

A man is wanted for stealing multiple bags of shrimp from a Southern California grocery store.
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11-Year-Old Girl Scares Off Armed Robber With Loaf Of Bread

An armed robber left a supermarket in southern England after some quick thinking from a father and daughter who where shopping at the time.
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Nooooooo!!!! Woman Licks The Top Of A Blue Bell Ice Cream Tub, Then Puts It Back In The Grocery Store Freezer

No! No! No! NO! NO! NO! It's NOT ok to lick food on the grocery store shelf and then put it back! Did we learn nothing from Ariana Grande's donut scandal???
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Grocery Store Employee Facing Felony Charges After Eating $9,300 Worth Of Ham

An Ohio grocery store employee is facing felony theft charges after her daily habits led to a loss of $9,200 in revenue for her place of employment over an eight year period.
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What If The Grocery Shopping Came To You?

With services like Amazon Prime, we live in a wonderful world of deliveries. Push a few buttons on the computer and virtually anything can be delivered right to your door, even groceries.
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