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Jennifer Lopez Possibly In Talks To Perform At This Year's Super Bowl Half Time Show

Last year’s Super Bowl Half Time Show was all over the place, between the Sponge Bob intro, Maroon 5 and Travis Scott it certainly was not the greatest. Now there are new reports coming out that Jennifer Lopez maybe this year's Super Bowl Half Time performer. A source close to the J.Lo told Yahoo...
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The Dallas Stars Gave Spongebob Fans The Halftime Show They Deserve!

On Sunday, during the halftime show of the Super Bowl, Spongebob Squarepants made a super short cameo. Fans loved it, BUT is just wasn't long enough.
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Spongebob Managed To Make It Into The Super Bowl Halftime Show

Well, if you didn't tune into Super Bowl LIII to see the halftime performance last night, you didn't miss much. Sorry Maroon 5.
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