Sissy Spacek, CMT Artists of the Year, Award, 2018

Girl’s “Carrie” Costume Horrifies EMTs Following Car Crash

20-year-old Sidney Wolfe was on her way home from a haunted house event when she got into a car crash.
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More Than 2/3 Of Parents Admit To Stealing Their Kids’ Halloween Candy

Lots of families went out trick-or-treating over the weekend, so there is no doubt your house is flooded with candy.
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Paul Rudd, Portrait, New York, 2019

Paul Rudd Dresses As “Weird Al” Even Though Daughter Dresses As Character From His Movie

When you’re the daughter of a Marvel superhero, Halloween should be a pretty easy occasion, right?
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Woman Turns Front Door Into Gigantic Cookie Monster For Halloween

A woman in Pennsylvania went all-out for her INCREDIBLE Halloween decoration.
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Man Carves Gigantic Pumpkin Into A Boat

Justin Ownby is a farmer from Cleveland, Tennessee.
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Sequel To “Hocus Pocus” Officially In Development At Disney

It looks like everyone’s favorite Disney Halloween classic is getting a sequel!
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Family Celebrates 50th Anniversary Of "Abbey Road" With Beatles Halloween Decorations

Jeff and Ellen Pitkin wanted to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Abbey Road the best way they knew how.
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Two women showing Halloween pumpkins

10 Lame-Looking Halloween Parties Judging By Stock Photos

I take Halloween pretty seriously. Aside from Labor Day*, it's probably my favorite holiday. (*It wins by default because you don't have to work, host a party, leave the house, etc.) As I was scrolling through our stock image site yesterday looking for a specific photo that conveyed the message of...
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City Threatens Children With A Class 4 Misdemeanor If They Trick-Or-Treat After 8pm

Kids in six Virginia cities need to be aware of what time they head out trick-or-treating this year!
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Pumpkin, Butt, Buttocks

Home Owner’s Association Complains About Mooning Pumpkin Man Yard Display

Like many of us, Georgia man Mike O’Neill decorated his front yard for Halloween
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