High School


Texas Teen Took His Mom To Prom

Most teens would shudder at the idea of taking their mom to prom. However, for one Texas teenager, it's all he's ever thought about doing.
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Golfer Attacked By A Goose During Tournament

During a high school golf tournament a student got a little to close to a goose.
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Teen Steals Parents' Credit Card, Rents House For Party, Causes $20,000 In Damage

A family is on the hook for $20,000 in damages, after a couples 14-year-old stole their credit card, rented a house for a party, and completely tore the place apart.
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Dairy Cows

Twerking Cows? East Texas High School Goes Viral For Bovine Dancers

Cows doing ballet. Cows twerking. Cows performing the dance from Dirty Dancing. All normal occurrences for the folks over at Hallsville High School, about two hours east of Dallas.
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McKinney High School Teacher on Leave After Footage Shows Him Recording a Fight

The footage was originally shared on Snapchat and then on Twitter.
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National School Walkout Planned For April 20th, The Anniversary Of The Columbine Shooting

Change.org offers a plethora of petitions for people to sign. Most recently, it's become home to the walkout movement for high schools all across the United States. Currently there are a little over 57,000 signatures.
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East Texas Teen Goes Viral After Newborn Photoshoot With His Human Growth & Development Baby

Something we thought only happened in TV high school...
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