Empty Wheelchair, Hospital, Parked

97-Year-Old Dallas Woman Heads Home From Hospital After Beating Coronavirus

Kathyrn Simonson was recently discharged from Medical City Dallas, after the 97-year-old was diagnosed with, and then BEAT the Coronavirus!
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Woman Gives Birth During High-Speed Police Chase

A newborn baby made a speedy entrance into the world. A woman from England gave birth during a high-speed police chase to the hospital. The baby was born in the passenger seat.
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Hospital Staff Cheers on Coronavirus Patient Leaving ICU in Emotional Video

As many continue to lose their lives during the coronavirus outbreak, many are also recovering. An emotional video shows doctors and nurses at a hospital cheering on a coronavirus patient leaving the ICU.
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Doctor Treating Coronavirus Patients Self-Isolating in Garage to Protect His Baby

A doctor from Atlanta who is treating coronavirus patients has isolated himself in the garage to protect his newborn daughter and family. His wife shared their story with several tweets on Twitter.
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Coronavirus Patient Says 'Nobody Knows' When He’ll Fully Recover

As the whole world continues to deal with hardship over the coronavirus, patients have to deal with the actual pain. James Cai, a New Jersey healthcare worker, was the state’s first coronavirus case.
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Dry Ice, Smoking, Dark Background

Instagram Influencer’s Birthday Ends In Tragedy After Dry Ice Accident Leaves Three Dead

An Instagram Influencer's birthday ended in disaster after a tragic incident with dry ice left three people dead and four in the hospital with poisoning and chemical burns.
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Hospital Bed, Ward

75-Year-Old Sets Hospital Bed On Fire To Get Nurse’s Attention

A patient at AdventHealth New Smyrna Beach hospital felt he wasn't getting enough attention from his nurses, and he felt the best way to go about gaining it was to set his bed on fire.
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Elderly Woman, Slippers, Shoes

Hospital Employee Arrested After He's Caught Sucking An Elderly Patient's Toes

A 23-year-old hospital worker in Florida was recently arrested after he was caught sucking the toes of an elderly patient.
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"Tootsie" Actress Teri Garr Hospitalized For Dehydration

Academy Award-nominated actress Teri Garr had to be hospitalized recently due to a severe bout of dehydration.
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Beer, Toast, Cheers, Bottles, Clink

Dying 87-Year-Old Granted Final Wish Of Having A Beer With His Sons

An 87-year-old Wisconsin man just wanted one final wish.
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