Love Tile Mosaics? This House Is For You!

You know what would look great with this tile? MORE TILE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tile on the walls, tiles on the cabinets, tile on the ceiling, let's just put tile everywhere! Said no one ever!
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HGTV Wants Lance Bass To Be Part Of The "Brady Bunch" House Show

Just like every Brady Bunch episode, the HGTV / Lance Bass house drama gets a happy ending!
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Need Some Texas Design Ideas? How About A Texas Shaped Sink or Texas Carpet?

Ahhhhh, it's all things Texas! And in one place!
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David Cassidy's Former Home On Sale For $3.9 Million

David Cassidy's palatial estate in Florida has finally hit the market.
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Wanna Toilet Paper A House? There's A Drone For That!

The ancient art of toilet papering a house just got a little easier.
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Cool! This House Is Shaped Like Texas!

Texans are soooooooo extra!
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Texas Realtor Offering Free Tacos With Purchase Of Home

Salesmen and women throughout time have always been looking for that one way that will always seal the deal. One realtor in Texas may have found the only method that will have a 100% success rate.
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House Fire

Dashcam Footage Captures Hurst Home Explosion

Police have realsed new dashcam footage of the house explosion, which occured on April 7.
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Harry Potter House For Sale, Check Out The Inside

Only a true Harry Potter fan would spend seven years turning their house into a Hogwarts-esque wonderland.
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Abandoned House

Nobody Wants To Buy Abandoned 55-Bedroom Texas Mansion

If you have a spare $3.5 million sitting around, you could become the lucky owner of this abandoned mansion near Houston with a massive 60,000-square-foot floor plan.
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