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Man Saves Nail Clippings For A Year And Turns Them Into An Engagement Ring

A man in China decided to custom make his own engagement ring.
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Tiffany Release Advent Calendar Full Of Jewelry Worth $112,000

With the holidays just around the corner, many of y’all might be counting down the days with an advent calendar.
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Margot Robbie Wore Sharon Tate's Actual Jewelry For Role In Tarantino's Manson Movie

Margot Robbie portrays Sharon Tate, the actress murdered by the Manson Family in 1969, in Quentin Tarantino's latest film, "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood."
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Renowned Jewelry Maker Debuts New Necklace Inspired By Aerosmith Guitarist Joe Perry

New York goldsmith Donna Distefano just debuted a new line of jewelry that will be the desire of any rock & fan.
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Paris Hilton Is Keeping The $2 Million Engagement Ring Her Ex Proposed With

Paris Hilton became engaged to model and actor Chris Zylka last January.
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Some Jewelry Sold In Stores, Including Ross And Nordstrom Rack, Might Cause Cancer

Recent tests have shown that jewelry that has recently been sold in chains across America have tested positive for the highly toxic chemical cadmium.
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James Avery, Founder Of Popular Texas Jewelry Brand, Dies At 96

The company website reads, "It was his desire to create jewelry that had meaning for him and his customers as well as having lasting value."
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Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker Sued For Alleged Breach Of Contract

According to jewelry designer Kat Florence, in October 2015, she made a $7.5 million/5-year deal with Sarah Jessica Parker...
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McDonald's Is Giving Away A $12,500 Ring That Looks Like A Big Mac!

How much do you really love Big Macs?
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John Stamos' Pregnant Fiance' Robbed Before Their Wedding This Weekend

John Stamos and finance/soon-to-be-his-baby's mama Caitlin McHugh are getting married this weekend! That's the good news. Here comes the bad... :(. TMZ reports robbers allegedly broke in Caitlin's Beverly Hill's Hotel bungalow yesterday while she was out and took $165,000 in jewelry... on loan.....
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