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Sorry Folks, But Lady Gaga Is Not In Love With Bradley Cooper

It's officially over. We can finally stop talking about Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga. They are NOT dating. They are NOT in love. Sorry.
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Jimmy Kimmel's Asks Parents To Turn Off Their Kid's Fortnite...Mid-Game

Fortnite is THE game on 2018. Everyone is playing. We've even seen stories where kids don't eat because they would rather be playing Fortnite. It's dang near impossible to pry the kids away from it.
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9 November 2018- Hollywood, California - Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah Silverman Honored With Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame, held at Hollywood Blvd

WATCH Jimmy Kimmel Pranked On His 51st B'day!

"Jimmy gets a lot of well wishes on his birthday from his family and friends, but the first one every year is a call from his Aunt Chippy at the crack of dawn..."
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Nick Kroll Split His Pants On Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!

Jimmy Kimmel is a some kind of wardrobe malfunction jinx!
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5/14/2018 - Julian Dennison attends a special screening of "Deadpool 2" at AMC Loews Lincoln Square in New York

Watch: "Deadpool 2" Star Julian Dennison Can't Watch The Movie!

Watch "Deadpool 2" star Julian Dennison talk with Jimmy Kimmel Live ...
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Jenna Fischer

Jenna Fischer Wears Towel On "Jimmy Kimmel Live" After Wardrobe Malfunction

Before walking out for the interview, Fischer suffered a slight wardrobe malfunction when the zipper on the dress she was planning on wearing completely ripped
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Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids "How's Trump Doing?"

It’s the first anniversary of the President’s inauguration and we get to hear all the pundits and experts on all the TV shows talking about how he did in his first year.
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