Jody Dean

Fort Worth's Juneteenth Celebration Is Bigger & Better For 2018

Juneteenth is coming up - and this year, Fort Worth's annual celebration is bigger than ever.
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Dennis DeYoung On The Music Of Styx: He & His Wife Made A Bet As To Whether Or Not Mr. Roboto Would Be A Hit Record

Ok music lovers, if you like the music of Styx, we've got the perfect weekend just for you!
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Want Good Food For A Good Cause? Check Out Bonton Farms

Do you love fresh, healthy produce?
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Memorial Day

Jody Remembers Memorial Day With A Throwback Interview From The 60th Anniversary Of D Day

Something special (and personal) for Memorial Day.
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NFL Draft

After The Passing Of Her Football Coach Husband, Mom Decides The NFL Fan Experience Is More Important Than Ever For Her Boys

To most of us, it's just the NFL Draft. To this family, it's something else entirely.
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Little Boy Asks The Pope "Is My Daddy In Heaven?"

Emmanuel's dad died not long ago. Saturday, during one of Pope Francis' regular parish visits, the little boy had a chance to ask the pontiff himself a question.
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Is It Ok To Use Emojis In Work Emails?

Ready for a poll question? Here you go.
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Legends Of The Super Heroes Is The Worst TV Show EVER!

Did you realize that Justice League is not the first time DC's biggest superheroes have gotten together?
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Flaws In Dallas' Margaret McDermott Bridge Delay Opening

What did we just recently build that's already failing? Answer?
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Tom Jones, Crosby, Still, Nash, & Young Long Perform "Time Gone" In 1969

How have I never seen this? From Tom Jones old TV show, a 1969 version of Long Time Gone - featuring Jones himself, and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young.
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