Dak Prescott and Joe Looney hug before Dallas Cowboys game

Watch Cowboys' Center Joe Looney Sing Van Halen's "Jump"

One of my favorite Dallas Cowboys players to interview is Joe Looney because he's guaranteed to make you laugh. Many of his teammates call him the funniest guy in the locker room , and I tend to agree. He's always smiling so it's no surprise when he was the life of the party at a recent pre-game...
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Regular bike versus electric bike

"Jump" Files App To To Release 2,000 e-Bikes In Dallas

The bikes still require riders to pedal, but a motor will do the difficult work, at up to 20 mph.
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Running Into The Weekend Like...This Dog Running Into Leaves

Think back to the good ole days of being a kid. Remember when fall hit and you'd rake up all the leaves into a nice big pile for your own personal jumping pleasure.
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