Everything Coming to Amazon Prime in June

While the coronavirus pandemic continues, there’s never been a better time to binge-watch all those shows or get lost in a good movie. Here is everything coming to Amazon Prime in June.
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Gal Gadot Announces New Release Date For Wonder Woman 84

If you were looking forward to seeing Wonder Woman 84 next November, we have some bad news. The movie has been delayed.
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Man Shoots Himself In The Crotch After Putting Gun In His Pants

You know how guys are always holstering their handgun in the front of their pants in movies and TV?
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Little Girl Falls In Love With Mannequin; Refuses To Leave Store

While at a department store in Alabama, this little girl wasn't ready to leave just yet when her mom said it was time to go.
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Michael Jackson

Broadway Musical Set Around Michael Jackson Coming In 2020

This week, the Michael Jackson Estate and Columbia Live Stage announced that they are working on Broadway musical based around the life of Michael Jackson.
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Tag Cast

Video: Jeremy Renner And 'Tag' Co-stars Crash Wedding In Miami

As part of their promotional tour around the country, Jeremy Renner and his co-ctars from the upcoming film ''Tag" have been playing a game of tag of their own.
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Delta Plane

Family Dog Dies During Flight For Delta Airlines

Well its happend again. Another dog has died while on a commercial airliner.
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