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Woman Killed By Explosion At Gender Reveal Party

A 56-year-old Iowa woman has passed after tragedy struck at a gender reveal party.
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Man Pushes New BMW He Received For His Birthday Into The River Because It Wasn't A Jaguar

A man in India was fortunate enough to be gifted a brand new BMW from his parents for his 22nd birthday.
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Give This Baby The Oscar For Best Death Scene Of All Time

Star Wars has been bringing families together since the 70s. Just about every father / son duo has been able to come together over one common thread...the lightsaber fight.
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12-Year-Old Girl Has Had 1,000 Ants Removed From Her Ear Since August

Doctors have never seen anything like they are experiencing with Shreya Darji.
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Foo Fighters Cover Metallica With 10-Year-Old On Guitar During Concert

How many of us have dreamed (or still dream) about becoming a rock star and one day sharing the stage with some of our music idols? Well, 10-year-old Collier Cash Rule has already had that dream come true. In the middle of the Foo Fighters' set in Kansas City, Missouri, Dave Grohl invited young...
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Texas Dad Goes Viral After Catapulting His Kid Awake

Waking up for school is hard. And for one Texas dad, he's not gonna take it anymore.
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Awesome Parents Let Their Autistic Son Wear A T-Rex Costume In The Family Photos Becaue He Hates Having His Picture Taken

Odds are you know someone with autism. While there is a clinical definition and clearly defined symptoms for autism, each individual case is completely different.
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Dad Hack: Tie A String To Your Kid's Swing, So You Can "Push" Them While Sitting & Drinking A Beer

And the winner of the Dad of the Year Award goes to...this guy! We don't know his name, but we do know he's pretty creative when it comes to pushing his daughter on the swing set.
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Adorable Little Boy Doesn't Quite Grasp The Idea Of Diving Off The Side Of The Swimming Pool

Diving is hard, even scary the first time around. There are so many questions. What do you do with your arms? Can you really trust that the water will catch you?
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Kid Greets Mom, Home From A Business Trip, At The Airport With A "Welcome Home From Prison" Sign

Gotta love a dad with a good sense of humor, especially when he's willing to let the kiddo do the dirty work.
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