Cool! Check Out This Pink Lake!

Fact: Australia is a bucket list trip! There are a million reasons to go. It's just so beautiful!
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Did You Know Texas Has A Blood Lake?

It's always cool to find something new about your home state. Today, we discovered San Angelo's "Blood Lake."
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Woman On Float

Woman Rescued After 21 Hours Of Drifting On Air Float

Olga Kuldo was vacationing on the resort island of Rethymno when she decided to relax in the water and soak up the sun.
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Dry Lake Bed

Man Etches Penis So Large Into Dry Lake Bed It Can Be Seen From Space

There are plenty of sites that amazingly can be seen from space.
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Jason Voorhees Statue Found At The Bottom Of Minnesota Lake

One of the most popular horror franchises of all-time is scaring scuba divers in the real world. A statue of the iconic 'Friday The 13th' monster, Jason Voorhees, has been spotted at the bottom of a Minnesota lake.
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