Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys, Sideline, Game, Backwards Hat, AT&T Stadium, 2019

Cowboys Legend Jason Witten Leaves Dallas, Signs With Las Vegas Raiders

Cowboys legend Jason Witten came out of retirement for a comeback with the team, which only lasted one year. Witten recently signed a deal to play for the Las Vegas Raiders, his first professional team outside of Dallas.
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Dolly Parton, Concert, BB&T Center, White Suit, Guitar, Smile, 2016

Dolly Parton Wants To Appear In “Playboy” Again For 75th Birthday

Dolly Parton has big plans for her upcoming 75th birthday, which include a return to the cover of "Playboy" magazine.
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Kobe Bryant, Pose, Office, Smile, 2020

NBA Legend Kobe Bryant Dies In Helicopter Crash

Basketball legend Kobe Bryant died today in a helicopoter crash at the age of 41.
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Neil Peart, Drumming, Rush, Drum Set, Concert

Rush Drummer Neil Peart Dies At 67 Due To Complications From Brain Cancer

Rush drummer and music legend Neil Peart passed away earlier this week.
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Willie Nelson, Performing, 51st Annual CMA Awards, 2019

Willie Nelson Announces He's Quit Smoking Weed "To Take Better Care" Of Himself

In news that will certainly shock you to the core, Willie Nelson is no longer smoking marijuana.
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Jason Witten, Dallas Cowboys, Sweaty, Helmet, Training Camp, Oxnard, 2019

Jason Witten Treats Local Kids To A Back-To-School Shopping Spree

Just a few months into his Cowboys career, new Tight End Jason Witten is already making a name for himself working in the North Texas community.
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San Antonio Is Now Home To The Greatest George Strait Street Art Of All Time

Whether you like country music or not, there's always room for King George. He's a Texas legend.
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Dick Dale, “The King Of Surf Guitar," Dies At 81

Dick Dale, the King of Surf Guitar, passed away Saturday at the age of 81.
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Who Knew Texas Had Pink Bluebonnets???

Isn't it funny how you can live in Texas your entire life and just now discover pink bluebonnets! Who knew???
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