Little Girl


Little Girl Screams & Cries Because She Thinks Her Dad Is Killing A Pumpkin

Pumpkin carving is all fun and games until a little girl gets scarred for life.
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Bono Calms A Crying Child By Singing "One"

Bono has major dad skills. Of course he's had a little practice with the four kids of his own. Not to mention, his voice can calm an entire room with just a few notes.
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Little Girl Cusses At Priest While Being Baptized

Baptism is the pinnacle moment in your religious life. Baptizing problem. Baptizing teens and adults...easy. Baptizing toddlers...a totally different story.
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Little Girl Demands "$#@&*% Donuts," Really Means Dunkin' Donuts

Baby's first cuss word is every parent's nightmare. You never know when or where it's going to drop (more than likely, in public), nor do you know what select word it will be. Of course you hope and pray it's not the big one...the fateful F word, but there's always a chance it could happen.
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Little Girl Is Really, Really Sad About Missing The Ice Cream Truck

As a kid, you can hear the ice cream truck from a mile away. It's designed that way, to give you plenty of time to grab your money and get to the curb for a cold, delicious treat.
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Little Girl Ruins Toy Story With One Deep, Dark Thought

Dang! Kids are dark!
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Little Girl Falls In Love With Mannequin; Refuses To Leave Store

While at a department store in Alabama, this little girl wasn't ready to leave just yet when her mom said it was time to go.
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Performing Monkey Dressed As A Little Girl Is Simply Terrifying

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Little Girl Is So Pumped About Getting My Little Pony: The Movie, That She Admits To Saying The F Word

Whether you love or hate My Little Pony, there's one little girl who will make you want to watch the latest movie ASAP!
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Little Girl With Doll

Little Girl With Hearing Loss Enamored With New Doll That Wears Hearing Aids

Meet 3-year-old Dixie Harris-Sandstrom from London. Dixie was born with severe hearing loss in both ears that has required her to wear hearing aids. Dixie received her first hearing aid when she was just 1 year old. She currently communicates with a mix of sign language and speaking.
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