1.17 - Fab Five Chicks

Today, Miles in the Morning welcomed some very special guests.
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Corny Dog, Mustard

Fletcher's Corny Dog Descendant Opens New Restaurant In Dallas

Jace Fletcher's great-grandfather is Neil Fletcher.
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Snickers, Candy, Bar, Chocolate,White Background

World’s Largest SNICKERS Bar Awarded In Waco

Waco is known for many things these days.
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Dog, Shelter, Adoption, Cage, Family, Petting

Fort Worth Animal Shelter Reducing All Adoption Prices To $10 Due To Overcrowding

So far in January alone, the Fort Worth Animal Shelter has brought in more than 600 animals.
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Frozen, Elsa, Doll, Toy, Disney, 2020

Texas Family Haunted By “Creepy” Elsa Doll That Keeps Returning After Being Thrown Out

Houston mom Emily Madonia just can’t seem to let this go.
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Meat Loaf, Michael Lee Aday, Red Carpet, Stubhub Q Awards, 2016

Meat Loaf Suing DFW Airport Hotel And Promoter, Claiming Fall Ended His Career

Meat Loaf was born in Dallas, TX September 27, 1947.
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Video Game, headset, Television, Screen

British Teen Having A Seizure Saved By Texan He Was Playing Video Games Online With

Aidan Jackson, a 17-year-old in Widnes, England, was playing video games in his bedroom when he had a sudden seizure.
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Abandoned Plantation Home, Mansion, Field

Abandoned Sanger Mansion To Be Converted Into A Wedding Venue

For more than three decades, the Sanger Mansion has been abandoned and incomplete.
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Jimmy Johnson, Media, Interview, University of Miami Greentree Practice Field, 2019

Former Dallas Cowboys Coach Jimmy Johnson Elected To Pro Football Hall Of Fame

Cowboys fans don't have a lot to cheer for these days with the 'Boys not making the playoffs.
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Sandbar Shark, Swimming, Underwater

Texas Man Catches Two 7-Foot Sandbar Sharks In One Day

It very much doesn’t feel like fishing weather outside, but that didn’t stop Ron Richmond from heading out and trying to catch a bite.
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