Whataburger, A-Frame, Sign, Logo, Restaurant, Corpus Christi

Santa And Mrs.Claus Spotted Eating At Whataburger In McKinney

Santa Claus is going to have a pretty busy night in a few weeks, so it makes sense he'll be taking this time to fuel up for his major voyage across the world.
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Horse, Roaming, Street, Highway

Drunk Man Arrested After Riding Horse Down Dallas Highway

A man in Dallas was arrested last night after witnesses say he was driving erratically, and possibly drunk.
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Joey Gallo, Texas Rangers, Batting, Home Run, 2017

Texas Rangers Unveil New Uniforms For First Time In A Decade, Including All Powder Blue Unis

In a ceremony Wednesday afternoon, the Texas Rangers revealed the brand new uniforms they'll be wearing starting with the 2020 MLB season.
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Fajitas, Food, Plate, Steak, Chicken

Texas Restaurant To Offer $400 Plate Of Fajitas Topped With 24-Karat Gold Flakes

Fajita lovers, we have found your dream. Guard and Grace is a steak restaurant that will soon be opening in Houston, and they will be offering what they're calling the "Millionaire Fajitas." They won't set you back a million bucks, but you can have this massive plancha of 32-ounce Snake River wagyu...
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Willie Nelson, Performing, 51st Annual CMA Awards, 2019

Willie Nelson Announces He's Quit Smoking Weed "To Take Better Care" Of Himself

In news that will certainly shock you to the core, Willie Nelson is no longer smoking marijuana.
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Car, Keys, GIft, Transaction, Sale, Car Background, Hands, Man, Woman

Texas Couple Buys Waitress Walking 14 Miles To Work A New Car

Adrianna Edwards works at a Denny's in Galveston. It takes her about five hours to get to work, however, as she walks the full seven miles from her apartment to the restaurant. She explained, "I have bills to pay. I've got to eat. You've got to do what you've got to do." When a couple heard of...
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Christmas, Decorations, Lawn, Nativity Scene

Woman Steals Baby Jesus From Parker County Nativity Scene

Police in Parker County are on the lookout for a woman who stole baby Jesus from an area nativity scene.
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Boars, Swine, Hogs, Cage

Feral Hogs Becoming A “Big Problem” In Texas After Woman Killed Outside Home

Texas has a real feral hog problem.
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Father, Son, Cell Phone

Denton Couple Goes Viral For Controlling Daughter's Social Media As Punishment

A Denton couple has gone viral for their unique punishment for their daughter.
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Drug, Smuggling, Car, Trunk

Nearly 1,000 Pounds Of Marijuana And 2,000 Vape Cartridges Seized In North Texas Drug Bust

A routine traffic stop led to one of the bigger drug busts we’ve seen recently in North Texas.
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