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Woman Steals Dog From Man Having A Seizure

59-year-old Robert Corbey was near a 7-11 in Longmont, Colorado last Tuesday when he unfortunately suffered a seizure.
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Man Offers One-Bedroom Home As A Reward For Finding His Missing Dog

An Arizona man is desperate to find his missing pooch.
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People Are Loving This Unlikely Guy's Sick Dance Moves!

The internet is a weirdly wonderful place! It's a place where cat videos put you in a good mood. It's a place where you can show off your natural talents, whether it be crafting, singing, or even dancing. It's a place where you can become an overnight sensation.
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Is This The Most Awkward New Year’s Kiss Ever?

We all know the tradition of kissing your significant other when the clock strikes midnight to ring in the New Year.
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Just A Guy Trying To Move His Couch...On The Subway

Good movers are hard to come by, not to mention expensive. Why pay someone else to do the job, when you can do it yourself? Even if that means you have to use the subway to move your couch across town!
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Man Doing The "In My Feelings" Challenge Gets Hit By A Car

If Keke really loved you, she wouldn't let you jump out of the car to do a stupid challenge.
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Man Shaves Chest Hair Into A Bikini

It's a mankini!!! Or a chest hairkini?
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People Are Freaking Out Over #BeardedMenLookingUp Selfies

The internet is a beautifully weird and wonderful place. Today's latest trend...#BeardedMenLookingUp.
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Full Grown Adult Man Attempts The Water Slide, Knocks The Whole Thing Over

Ready for summer? How's that beach bod coming along?
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Man Who Adopted Pig And Ate It Is Now Receiving Death Threats

The Canadian man who adopted a pig from a local SPCA, then butchered it, and ate it is now receiving death threats.
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