Alleged price-gouger sold $5 masks for $19.95: Feds

The owner of a Skokie-based medical supply company is accused of price-gouging as he sold face masks to people during the pandemic. WBBM Newsradio’s Steve Miller reports.
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Paul Rudd Encourages Millennials To Wear Mask In Hilarious PSA

Millennial Paul Rudd has an encouraging message for all young people: wear your mask!
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NFL Threatens To Fine Coaches Not Wearing Mask On Sidelines

The NFL started its 2020 season over the weekend, but players, coaches, and team staff members all have to adhere to certain requirements in order to help prevent a contamination of the COVID-19 virus in the league.
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This 'Karen' Halloween Mask Will Give You the Scariest Costume of the Year

Halloween will be here before you know it, and if you haven’t picked out your costume yet, one option making the rounds may be the perfect 2020 choice for being equal parts topical and terrifying.
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This "Karen" Halloween Mask Will Give You The Scariest Costume Of The Year

Artist Jason Adcock was able to capture the "true horror underneath the haircut" with his "Karen" Halloween mask!
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There Is Now A Dating Site For Anti-Maskers Who Think The Coronavirus Is A Hoax

The site was started by British commentator Toby Young, who wanted to introduce a dating forum for "singles who feel the same way about the virus can meet and not have to worry about differing attitudes to social distancing."
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Man Carried Out Of Grocery Store By Son After Shouting About Wearing Masks

The man can be heard screaming, "These people won't learn. You are a bunch of idiots wearing masks. You know it's not real."
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Viral Video Shows An Adorable Boy Putting A Mask On His Dog For COVID-19 Safety

Viral Video Shows An Adorable Boy Putting A Mask On His Dog For COVID-19 Safety. The Ecuadorian child made sure he and his pet were protected before their bike ride.
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What Causes Nasty Mask Breath?

Wearing masks may have made you take notice of something with which you’ve never thought was a problem: bad breath. A dentist reveals why and how to remedy the side effect.
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Woman Pees On Floor Of Verizon Store After Refusing To Leave For Not Wearing A Mask

A woman in Roseville, California did not like the policy of a local Verizon store which required all customers wear masks, so in protest, she decided to pee on the floor.
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