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The Majority Of Americans Are Willing To Cheat On Their Partner…With Food

In a new survey, 71% of Americans have admitted to cheating on their significant other…with food.
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Restaurant Will Sit Single People In Front Of A Mirror On Valentine’s Day To Promote “Self Love”

Don't have a date for Valentine's Day? No worries! This restaurant in the UK will sit your single self in front of a mirror to promote "self love."
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Donnie Wahlberg, Press Conference, New Kids on the Block, New York, 2015

Donnie Wahlberg Leaves Waitress $2,020 Tip For 2020 Challenge

Actor and singer Donnie Wahlberg wanted to make sure his waitress had an amazing start to her 2020.
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Grandmother Charges Family $45 Each In Order To Eat Christmas Dinner

Preparing and serving Christmas dinner doesn't come cheap, so an English grandmother came up with a solution to offset the enourmous cost to feed her family this holiday season.
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Whataburger, Restaurant, Gollihar and Kostoryz roads, Corpus Christi, 2019

Viral Video Shows North Texas Teen Attempting To Eat A 10-Patty Whataburger

As we all know, you can order your Whataburger pretty much however way you’d like it.
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Storied Dallas Restaurant The Grape Closing In October

The Grape has been a Dallas restaurant staple since 1972.
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Scientist Suggests Eating Human Flesh To Deter Climate Change

A Swedish scientist believes he has unlocked the mystery of the possible fight against climate change.
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Waiter Shot Dead After Customer Felt He Was Taking Too Long Bringing Him His Sandwich

A waiter in France was shot in his restaurant after witnesses say the customer felt he was taking too long bringing him his sandwich.
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Drew Carey Leaves Waiter "Speechless" After Tipping $500 Following Meal

There's a reason why "contestants hug and kiss him all the time on his show," according to Tommy Greco, co-owner of K Rico Steakhouse in Manhattan.
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USDA Says Leftovers Only Safe For 3 To 4 Days After Cooking

If that leftover meatloaf is creeping on a week of being in your fridge, it might be time to say goodbye.
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