Here Are The Best Memes From The Game Of Thrones Finale

Game of Thrones is officially over. It's never coming back, unless you count the multiple spinoffs in the works with HBO. However, those shows might not do so well seeing how just about every GOT fan on Earth HATED the series finale.
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Justin Timberlake Knows What Day It Is, Shares N'Sync Clip Of "It's Gonna Be Maaaaaaaaayyyyyyy"

Every year, when April 30th rolls around, social media becomes inundated with N'Sync memes. You know what we're talking's gonna be May...or maeeeee...or Mayyyyyyyyyyyy.
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spring flowers

These Memes Perfectly Sum Up Springtime In Texas

Oh hey spring! Where you at? Oh wait, this is Texas, so you're alllllllllllll over the place.
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Check Out The Best Presidential Alert Memes

On Wednesday afternoon, at exactly 1:18PM, the very first presidential alert went out across all wireless devices. It was impossible to miss, in that, it took over your screen no matter what you were doing.
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Too Soon For Hurricane Florence Memes?

What is it about a hurricane that gets everyone in the meme spirit?
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Fall In Texas...Basically Summer With Pumpkins

We are t-minus 10 days til fall y'all! Which in Texas, means nothing. Absolutely nothing.
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Yep, It's Hot In Texas. Here Are The Best Heat Memes To Get You Through The Sweltering Temps

Not to be too redundant, but it's HOT! So, so, hot! How hot? Well, DFW is seeing higher temperatures this July than it's seen in years!
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