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Study Finds Men With Beards Found To Have More Germs Than Dogs

If you want to be free of germs, science has found that you should probably start by shaving the beard.
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You Can Now Buy Lacy Bras And Lingerie For Men!

Ever look at your wife or girlfriend wearing lingerie and think to yourself...."Man, I would look good in that.?"
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Group Of Men Duped By Woman On Tinder Into Massive Live Dating Competition

It all started with an innocent swipe right on Tinder, as most love connections these days do.
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Elderly Gentleman Escape Nursing Home To Attend The World's Largest Heavy Metal Festival

Employees at a nursing home in Germany grew concerned when they had difficulty locating two of their residents.
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People Are Freaking Out Over #BeardedMenLookingUp Selfies

The internet is a beautifully weird and wonderful place. Today's latest trend...#BeardedMenLookingUp.
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New Shirt Fashion Design Is Confusing The Internet

Have you ever wished you were wearing a shirt that had another shirt sewn onto it? Yeah neither have us.
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Researchers Discover What Women Find Most Physically Attractive In Men

Ok, fellas. Pay attention.
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HD Cameras Make Olympic Figure Skaters Look Scary As Heck

What you are about to see are the faces of men's figure skating. The very, very, very scary faces of men's figure skating.
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Iceland Becomes First County to Make It Illegal to Pay Women Less Than Men for Same Job

It's a banner year already - hooray for Iceland!
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