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Christmas Pageant, Kids, Play, Christmas Play, 2018

Kid Unknowingly Flips Off Entire Audience During School Christmas Play

A 5-year-old in the UK had an interesting artistic approach to her school's Christmas play.
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Big Tex, State Fair of Texas, Texas, OU, 2018

Big Tex Breaks Middle Finger Night Before State Fair Begins

There was a mad rush last night to repair the face of the State Fair of Texas
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Newborn, Baby, Boy, Son, Mother, Yawning

Newborn Gives Dad Middle Finger As He Tries To Sing Her A Lullaby

A mother and father just welcomed their brand new baby girl to the world.
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Federal Court Rules Middle Finger Protected As Free Speech Under Constitution

A Michigan woman appeared at the U.S. Court of Appeals to fight the notion that her right to free speech was violated, resulting in a harsher traffic ticket following a stop by a police officer.
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