Instagram Celebrity The Fat Jewish Has Started A GoFundMe To Help Kylie Jenner Become A Billionaire

In case you haven't heard, Kylie Jenner is well on her way to becoming the youngest billionaire at 20-years-old.
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Silicon Implants

Man Becomes Millionaire After Devloping Fake Testicles For Neutered Dogs

For 12 years, Gregg Miller operated a candy business called SweetTube.
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Horse Racing

Texas Mother Turns $18 Bet Into $1.2 Million Winner At Kentucky Derby

Margaret Reid definitely did her homework before placing her bet on the Kentucky Derby.
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Prison Cell

Man Wrongly Jailed For 31 Years Becomes Millionaire

Lawrence McKinney, a 61-year-old who was wrongly jailed for 31 years, has just been awarded $1 million from the state of Tennessee.
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