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Texas Resident Wins $227 Million Jackpot In Largest Lottery Prize Ever In Texas

The largest lottery prize in the history of the Texas Lottery was just paid out to resident of Leander, Texas.
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Bitcoin Investors Out $190 Million, After The Only Man Who Knew The Password To The Account Dies

There’s no denying that Bitcoin is a risky investment.
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Dishwasher Awarded $22 Million After Being Fired For Refusing To Work Sundays

A dishwasher in Miami was just awarded an insane amount of cash after her boss kept forcing her to work Sundays.
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Friends Say Brad Pitt Has Paid Out Millions In Child Support Over The Last 2 Years

The divorce between Brangelina is getting ugly. After two years of fighting between lawyers, Angelina has accused Brad Pitt of not paying out a "meaningful" amount of child support. While Brad has virtually remained quiet on all fronts, his friends are coming to his defense.
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