Newborns, Twins, Babies, Brother, Sister, Diaper Change

Indiana Couple Welcomes Twins Born In Different Decades

An Indiana couple thought it would have been pretty cool if their twins were born in different decades.
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Elf on a Shelf, Peeking, Stocking

Mom Shaves The Word "Elf" Into Son’s Head In Hilarious “Elf On A Shelf” Prank

Amanda Johns wants to make sure her kids know their Elf on a Shelf means business.
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Whataburger, Corpus Christi, A-Frame Restaurant, Pretty Day, 2019

Mother And Daughter Go Viral For Homemade Whataburger Super Hero Costumes

It was too cold on Halloween for this Austin mother and daughter to wear their Halloween costumes.
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Father, Son, Cell Phone

Denton Couple Goes Viral For Controlling Daughter's Social Media As Punishment

A Denton couple has gone viral for their unique punishment for their daughter.
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Day Care, Room, Interior, Kindergarten, School

Texas Day Care Worker Fired After Fat Shaming 5-Year-Old On Note Left From Mom

Francesca Easdon dropped off her five-year-old at the Rocking Horse Day Care Center in Kingwood, Texas with a special note in his lunch box.
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Woman Gives Birth On Nightclub Floor After Going Out With Friends

A 19-year-old woman in France decided to head out to a nightclub with some friends.
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Judge, Layer, Witness, Searing In, Sworn In

Judge Comforts Baby As He Swears In His Mother As A Lawyer

Juliana Lamar was being sworn in as one of the newest lawyers in the state of Tennessee.
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Ghost Baby, Facebook Post, 2019

Mom Spots Horrifying “Ghost Baby” Sleeping Next To Her Child

Maritza Cibuls was getting ready for bed when she decided to check on her 18-month-old on the baby monitor.
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Laundry Room, White Appliances, Wicker Basket

Woman Gives Birth In Laundry Room By Candlelight During North Texas Tornado

The Bump Birthing Center in Rowlett couldn’t wait for Sunday’s tornado to pass before delivering newborns into the world.
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Nurses, Two Nurses, Female, Talking, Tablet, On a Break, Sitting

Identical Twin Babies Delivered By Identical Twin Nurses At Georgia Hospital

Soon-to-be father Brannon Williams was understandably nervous when he and his wife Rebecca waited in the delivery room.
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