Kindergarten Class, Empty, Tables, Desks, Toys

Kindergarten Teacher Donates Kidney To Mother Of Former Student

A kindergarten teacher in North Carolina showed that the relationships between teachers and students are truly special, after she donated one of her kidneys to the mother of one of her former students.
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Potty Training, Legs, Child, Chamber Pot

Mom Bans Mother-In-Law From Seeing Grandson After "Traumatizing" Potty Training Joke

A young mother has banned her mother-in-law from contacting her grandson after she made a "traumatizing" joke right in the middle of potty training that has him scared senseless.
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Marie Osmond, Red Carpet, 13th Annual ESSENCE Black Women in Hollywood Awards Luncheon, 2020

Marie Osmond Has No Intention Of Leaving Any Money To Her Kids

Marie Osmond revealed on The View that when she passes, she will be donating her entire fortune to charity rather than giving it her eight children.
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Mother, Son, Looking out window

Mother Dances With 2-Year-Old Son Just In Case His Wedding Day Never Comes

Samantha Duran wanted to share an important dance with her two-year-old son Maddox, just in case he wasn't alive to have their dance on his wedding day.
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Teenager, Male, Push Ups

Texas Mother's Strong Parenting Goes Viral After Making Son Do Pushups For Backtalking

A mother in Killeen, Texas has gone viral for her strong parenting, after making her son do ten pushups in the middle of a Hobby Lobby bathroom following the "back talk of the century."
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Paint, Brushes, Palette, Oil Paint

Mom Recreates Ten-Year-Old Daughter’s Portrait For Selfie

A Reddit user recreated a hilarious portrait her daughter drew of her, which included undereye bags, dramatic black lashes, funny-looking eyebrows, and three lines of teeth.
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Red Underwear, Thong, Laundry Room

Mom’s Thong Accidentally Clings To Son’s Pant Leg All Day At School

Moms beware: Make sure none of your undergarments are stuck to your child when you send them off to school. Static cling can lead to an embarrassing day!
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Truck Fire, Burning, Highway, Car, Fire

Mom Helps Rescue Driver From Burning Truck Three Days After Giving Birth

Three days after giving birth tio her fourth child, Holly McNally rescued a driver from a truck fire, walking him away from the scene moments before it exploded.
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Airbrush, Tan, Fake Tan, Spray Tan

Mother's Fake Tan Spreads All Over Baby's Face After Breastfeeding

A young mother didn't wait long enough to breastfeed her son after putting on fake tan, and it spread all over his face.
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Daughter Writes Message of Hope in the Snow for Her Mom

A few words of encouragement have warmed the hearts of millions around the world. Marie Schambach decided to take advantage of the storm that had just blown through to help her mom battling cancer. See the details.
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