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Boat From "Jaws" Being Rebuilt In Order To Study Sharks

The "Orca," the boat used to hunt the great white shark in Steven Spielberg’s Jaws is being rebuilt from scratch, though this time, to study marine life, rather than hunt it.
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Ennio Morricone, Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony, 2016

Composer Behind "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" Theme Dies At 91

Ennio Morricone, the Oscar-winning composer behind the theme to The Good, the Bad and the Ugly passed away in Rome, his lawyer confirmed Monday.
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An aerial drone view of AT&T Stadium, where the Dallas Cowboys NFL football team plays, on April 01, 2020 in Arlington, Texas. The NBA, NHL, NCAA and MLB have all announced cancellations or postponements of events because of COVID-19.

AT&T Stadium Will Host Drive-In Movies This Summer

AT&T Stadium Will Host Drive-In Movies This Summer. The classic films will be shown starting July 2, 2020.
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Hollywood Will Animate Sex Scenes With CGI Due To Ongoing Pandemic

As Hollywood prepares to resume production on movies and tv shows, sex scenes will look very different due to the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, as producers prepare to
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Jonah Hill, MID90s Press Conference, 69th Berlin International Film Festival, 2019

Jonah Hill Passes Samuel L. Jackson As The Actor With The Most Swear Words On Screen

Jonah Hill recently passed Samuel L. Jackson as the actor who has used the most swear words on screen in history.
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Daryl Hannah, Red Carpet, Vanity Fair Party, 76th Academy Awards, 2004

Disney+ Edits Out Darryl Hannah's Butt In "Splash" With Horrible CGI

Because they don't want butts in any of their content, Disney+ edited a shot of Darryl Hannah from the 1984 film "Splash," and they used the most horrific CGI imaginable.
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Rebel Wilson, Red Carpet, CATS, Premiere, 2019

Fans Are Clamoring For The Release Of "Cats" Featuring Removed CGI Buttholes

A movement has been started for the release of an earlier version of the 2019 film Cats, one of which contains CGI buttholes on all the cats that the producers eventually wanted removed.
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You Can Now Turn Off Netflix’s Annoying Autoplay Preview Feature

If you found Netflix's autoplay feature annoying, good news! You can now turn it off!
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More Americans Went To The Library In 2019 Than Movies

Last year, Americans took an average of 10.5 trips to the library, more than any other leisure activity.
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You Can Now Buy A Real Invisibility Cloak Just Like “Harry Potter”

You can now bring the magic of Harry Potter home with you!
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