Jerry Stiller, Red Carpet, Frost/Nixon Premiere, Hugo Boss Hat, 2008

Actor And Comedian Jerry Stiller Dies At 92

Legendary actor and comedian Jerry Stiller passed away due to natural causes. He was 92.
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Man, Desk, Underwear, No Pants, Video Call

"Good Morning America" Reporter Forgets To Wear Pants During Live Broadcast

A reporter from Good Morning America found out the embarrassing way that we could see everything, after he conducted a broadcast from his home without wearing any pants.
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Breast Implants, Woman, Surgeon, Office, Silicone

Woman Shot Saved By Breast Implants After Bullet Stopped From Penetrating Heart

A woman in Toronto is alive after her breast implants stopped a bullet from penetrating her heart following a random gunshot.
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Man, Shower, Wet Legs

Reporter Accidentally Shows Naked Husband In Shower While Broadcasting From Home

A news reporter in Sacramento currently broadcasting from home probably should avoid working from the bathroom, as her latest report clearly shows her husband naked, taking a shower.
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Broadcast Vehicle, News Van

Pregnant Woman Hijacks News Van With Pregnant Reporter Still Inside Of It

Reporter Iyani Hughes was sitting in a news van working when a pregnant woman burst onto the driver's side door, and took off.
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Toilet Paper, Cardboard Box

Truck Carrying Toilet Paper Crashes, Catches Fire Driving Along I-20

A truck carrying loads of toilet paper crashed in Hutchins early this morning, burning the TP "extensively."
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List Of North Texas School & Event Cancellations

Due to the coronavirus threats, several events have been postponed or canceled. Additionally, schools have announced alternate plans for the resumption of classes.
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Tito's Vodka Advises People Not To Use It As Hand Sanitizer

With hand sanitizer flying off the shelves everywhere right now, people have begun to wonder if there are other liquids that could be used just as well.
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James Lipton, Red Carpet, 2017 Creative Arts Emmy Awards

"Inside The Actors Studio" Host James Lipton Dies At 93

Host of Inside the Actors Studio James Lipton passed away Monday. He was 93.
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Holstein Cow, Blue Sky, Cow, Moo

Fort Worth Police Chase Cow Down Rodeo Street

Fort Worth police were called to a local neighborhood yesterday, after calls came in of a cow walking down, believe it or not, Rodeo St.
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