Clown, Funny Face, Balloons

Passenger Dressed As A Clown Sparks Massive Brawl On Cruise Ship

There are a lot of things you can probably expect to see while on a week-long cruise in the middle of the ocean.
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Coast Guard, Ship, Storm, Ocean

Crazy Video Shows US Coast Guard Boarding A Homemade Submarine Smuggling Drugs

Last month, the US Coast Guard caught up to a "homemade" submarine thought to be smuggling drugs.
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Hit The Open Seas With Bon Jovi On The “Runaway To Paradise” Cruise

Set sail for a week full of eating, drinking, and partying like a rock star all courtesy of Jon Bon Jovi and the Runaway to Paradise cruise.
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Mysterious Furry Sea Monster Washes Up Onto The Beach

Ok. We have no idea what this is. We don't think we've ever seen anything like this before.
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Citing Ocean Threat, Starbucks Ditching Plastic Straws

Starbucks will eliminate plastic straws from all of its locations within two years, citing the environmental threat to oceans.
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Woman On Float

Woman Rescued After 21 Hours Of Drifting On Air Float

Olga Kuldo was vacationing on the resort island of Rethymno when she decided to relax in the water and soak up the sun.
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New Drone Footage Of Kilauea Shows Lava Flowing Into The Sea

Some new drone video from Hawaii's Kilauea volcano for you. It looks like the surface of Mustafar. You can almost see Obi-wan and Anakin surfing on the lava.
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Man From Texas Going Viral For His Video With Tiger Shark

Admit it, part of you wants to do this.
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When Your Pants Become Camouflage Against The Ocean

In nature, blending in with your surroundings is a life saving technique. However, when it's your pants, it's just a picture that will go viral.
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It's So Cold In Massachusetts, The Ocean Froze!

Basic science says that water freezes at 32 degrees Farenheit. So how long does it have to stay that cold before the entire ocean freezes?
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